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The Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences is investigating how to improve healthcare in Australia by better integration of research into the healthcare system.

Harnessing research for better health: A vision for integrating research into healthcare will examine how research is conducted and used in the Australian healthcare system, identifying barriers and recommending solutions with the ultimate aim of improving patient care and outcomes.

Working group chair Professor Christina Mitchell said there had been significant work in this area previously, including the 2013 McKeon Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research.

“We know that research in healthcare is really important, there is plenty of evidence to support this,” she said.

“Research gives us the latest evidence for best practice and improves health equity, leading to better patient outcomes.

“This project will look at the current research and healthcare landscape, determining what’s working well, but also where research can be better integrated so that patients can benefit from the latest findings as soon as possible.”


Professor Mitchell said improving the way research is integrated in healthcare would mean better care and outcomes for patients.

“We’re calling on the health and medical sector – everyone from service providers, to patients, to researchers – to contribute to the Academy’s project by sharing their experiences,” she said.

“With your help, we hope to identify the roadblocks that slow medical research in healthcare, and work on solutions to benefit all Australians.

“There are many ways to contribute: you can complete an online survey, take part in one of our roundtables, or make a written submission to tell us about your experiences.”

Academy President Professor Ingrid Scheffer said Harnessing research for better health is the first major project for the Academy since it formed in 2014.

“The Academy was recently recognised as Australia’s fifth and newest Learned Academy, acknowledging the important role we have in advising government and the public about matters pertaining to health and medical science,” she said.

“This is a fitting first major project for the Academy: our diverse and independent Fellowship brings a broad range of perspectives, backed by expert knowledge and networks to implement change.”

Learn more about the project on our website.

You can complete the survey or find other ways to contribute at our call-for-evidence hub. The survey will close on 28 September.

Media: AAHMS Communication Manager Katie Rowney, [email protected] or 0419 797 511.

Video and still images of Professors Mitchell and Scheffer are available for media use.

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