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The Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences is conducting a project to improve healthcare for Australians by better enabling research to be conducted within the health system.

To do this, we need to learn more about the barriers to conducting research within healthcare services, and find the best ways to overcoming them. This means we need to learn more about your experiences, good or bad.


We’d like to hear your perspectives, in your own words. For example, have you taken part in a clinical trial or led research within the health system? Are you a health practitioner who would love to do more research to improve patient care? Do you have ideas for how healthcare can better enable research?

The Academy’s major project, Harnessing research for better health: A vision for integrating research into healthcare, will explore the value of research in health services and hospitals, and the roles that key stakeholders – healthcare services, research organisations, patients, consumers and governments – can play to make it happen.

While not all the questions in this survey will be relevant to you, we would appreciate if you could answer as many questions as possible.

The survey should take 15 minutes. Take the survey now.

Learn more about our project Harnessing research for better health: A vision for integrating research into healthcare on our policy page.


Research refers to investigation or studies involving people, their tissue or their data but not routine and diagnostic tests. This includes: biomedical science, epidemiology, clinical trials, public health, operational research, social sciences and health services research.

Healthcare refers to the Australian health system (public and private) – everything from physiotherapy to dental check-ups to emergency room entry to surgery. This includes health professionals and researchers operating in medicine, dentistry, public health, nursing, midwifery, allied health professions (occupational therapists, dieticians, podiatrists etc), pharmacy and health services management.

A doctor and an elderly patient are indoors at the woman's home. The doctor is talking to the woman while holding a tablet computer.