Committees ​

Our standing committees play a crucial role in guiding our activities. We are governed by an Executive and Council – for more information, visit our governance page.

There are also several working groups and committees that oversee our policy projects – find details on our policy page.

Committee Workshop

Standing committees

Finance, Audit and Risk Committee

The committee provides strategic advice to the Academy on finance and finance-related matters, and assists the Executive (Board) in fulfilling its responsibilities associated with financial reporting, internal controls, risk management systems and the internal and external audit functions.

Mentorship Committee

The committee promotes, develops, evaluates and refines the Academy’s Mentoring Program, and advises on other activities that support delivery of the Academy’s strategic objective to nurture talented research leaders, including our Life as a Clinician-Scientist events. It also considers relevant policy issues in liaison with the Policy Advice Committee and Council.

Policy Advice Committee

The committee provides guidance to Council and the Executive (Board) on the commissioning, preparation, and acceptability of reports and policy projects, including consultation responses, prepared by or for the Academy.

We also have selection committees that play a crucial role in our Fellowship election and our honorific awards.

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