Health Horizons Forum

Exploring future opportunities and challenges that could transform the health of the Australian community

What are the next big ideas in health, research and innovation – and how will these impact the community in the coming decades?

AAHMS has launched a horizon scanning project to explore future opportunities and challenges with key industry leaders, influencers and government policymakers. This project has been made possible through a partnership with Saltire Capital Partners.

The Health Horizons Forum will involve a series of roundtables, bringing together stakeholders from across the Australian health sector, government, research, innovation and industry.

The forum will harness the expertise of AAHMS Fellows and facilitate cross-sector collaboration to identify the next big ideas that could transform the health of the Australian community in the coming decades.

Supporting research translation

Our 2022 report, Research and innovation as core functions in transforming the health system: A vision for the future of health in Australia, outlined a vision for better embedding research and innovation in health. The Health Horizons Forum will build on this work to scan the horizon and identify some of the most promising fields of research and innovation in Australia that could help to address the health challenges of tomorrow.

In 2022, we launched a survey with our Fellows and Associate Members to identify key topics and highly promising areas of research and innovation that could transform the health of the Australian – and potentially global – community.

In early 2023, we will officially launch the Health Horizons Forum. Beyond shaping future work of the Academy, we expect this project to make the following impact:

  • Explore emerging areas of research and innovation that could transform the nation’s health over the coming decades by bringing together the latest evidence from a range of fields
  • Identify emerging policy issues, opportunities and challenges across sectors to share with industry and government
  • Connect stakeholders across the Australian health sector to facilitate future research, commercialisation, and innovation incubation.
image of child wearing face mask receiving vaccine with parent.

The Health Horizons project is overseen by the Academy’s Policy Advice Committee.