Developing talented research leaders is a key strategic goal for the Academy. Our programs support and nurture early and mid-career researchers, as they navigate their way through the challenges of these rewarding career paths – across clinical or non-clinical disciplines.

Mentorship Program

Providing quality mentorship and experienced role models for the next generation of health and medical research leaders

Academy Fellows act as mentors to provide independent advice and support in career development, succession planning and leadership advancement. Through these activities, the Academy nurtures the careers of leaders in health and medical science for the ultimate benefit of the wider community.

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Life as a Clinician Scientist events

Inspiring early career researchers and clinicians to pursue health and medical research careers

Life as a Clinician Scientist (LACS) events aim to encourage and inspire medical students, junior doctors and early career researchers to become involved in research, and workshop the skills necessary to succeed in combining clinical practice with medical research.

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