Health Horizons Forum to explore future of health

The Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences, in partnership with Saltire Capital Partners, is launching a series of roundtables to explore the future of health, research and innovation in Australia.

The 2023 Health Horizons Forum will bring together stakeholders from across the Australian health sector, government, research, innovation and industry to explore future opportunities and challenges with key industry leaders, influencers, and policymakers.

The forum will harness the expertise of AAHMS Fellows and facilitate cross-sector collaboration to identify the next big ideas that could transform the health of the Australian community in the coming decades.

Professor Ian Frazer AC FRS FAA FTSE FAHMS and AAHMS Executive member said, “The Health Horizons Forum will harness the expertise of AAHMS Fellows to identify big ideas that could transform the health of the Australian community in the coming decades. As Australia’s Learned Academy for health and medical sciences, we are ideally placed to facilitate discussions around how Australia can harness the outputs of some of the most promising fields of research and innovation. The partnership with Saltire capital will help ensure these conversations incorporate important cross-sector perspectives.”

The Health Horizons Forum will utilise the Academy’s Fellows’ expertise to identify highly promising areas of research and innovation that could transform the health of the Australian community and inform the Academy’s work for the medium to long term. Themes under early consideration include research, development, and commercialisation of approaches to managing chronic conditions and the latest developments in health and medical devices, genomics and artificial intelligence.

The forum aims to bring health and research sector peers together to:

  1. Explore emerging areas of research and innovation that could transform the nation’s health over the coming decades by bringing together the latest science and evidence across a range of fields.
  2. Identify emerging policy issues, opportunities, and challenges across sectors to share with industry and government.
  3. Connect stakeholders across the Australian health sector to facilitate future research, commercialisation, and innovation incubation.

The forum will involve AAHMS Fellows and Associate Members and Saltire Capital Partners, alongside leading health, research, and innovation experts.

Peter Gardiner, Principal of Saltire Capital Partners, said, “Saltire is deeply embedded in the Australian health sector, actively advising organisations to help advance research and innovation initiatives that will improve people’s lives. We’re honoured to partner with the AAHMS Fellows on the Health Horizons Forum to elevate discussions around the future of the Australian health sector with stakeholders across government policy, industry, and the medical and science communities.”

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Saltire Capital Partners delivers strategic commercial, financial, and investment banking advice to mid-market firms. With 75+ years of combined experience in debt and equity markets, we help owners and executives of healthcare companies to build and realise strategic value. For more information, visit the Saltire Capital Partners website.

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