Professor Jonathan Golledge

Professor Jonathan Golledge is an NHMRC Practitioner Fellow and vascular surgeon recognised as an international leader in artery disease. During the last 15 years, he established a translational research program which has culminated in bringing multiple new drugs and management approaches to clinical trials. The largest of these, testing a repurposed drug for artery weakening, […]

Professor Penny Webb

Professor Penny Webb is recognised nationally and internationally for her work and global leadership in the epidemiology of ovarian and endometrial cancer. She is on the Steering Committee of the international Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium (OCAC) and a senior member (past Chair) of the OCAC Epidemiology Working Group. She is lead author of an epidemiology […]

Professor Naomi Wray

Professor Naomi Wray is a leading complex trait geneticist. She has developed quantitative genetic methods based upon DNA marker data to understand complex genetic diseases in human populations and to predict genetic risk. In applied research, her primary focus is disorders of the brain. Professor Wray is recognised internationally for her leadership in the Psychiatric […]

Professor Paul Young

Professor Paul Young is currently Professor of Virology at the University of Queensland. For over 40 years, his virus research has been focused on three over arching themes; gaining a clearer understanding of how viruses cause severe disease, the development of improved diagnostics and the discovery of new therapeutic and vaccine control strategies. He is […]

Professor Paul Hodges

Professor Paul Hodges is a world leader in rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain. His unique comprehensive research approach from molecular biology to brain physiology and human function has made fundamental shifts in our understanding of why people move differently in pain. His innovative research has identified modified neuromuscular function across a diverse range of conditions from […]

Professor Sarah Medland

Professor Sarah Medland’s work bridges Genetics, Psychology, Neuro-Imaging and applied Statistics with a focus on understanding the genetic and environmental contributions to human behaviour and disease. Sarah was instrumental in founding the Enhancing Neuro Imaging Genetics through Meta-Analysis consortium. This large international consortium brings together researchers from more than 50 cohorts from around the world. […]

Professor Bala Venkatesh

Over a 20-year career, Professor Bala Venkatesh has played a major role in the development and establishment of academic intensive care medicine in Australia through outstanding contributions to education and research. He is recognised as a leading basic science and clinicianresearcher in intensive care medicine, and led international clinical trials that have had a substantive […]

Professor Carmel Hawley

Professor Carmel Hawley is an Academic Clinical Nephrologist, and in recognition of her substantial involvement in kidney disease research, was recently awarded the Priscilla Kincaid-Smith Medal. However, her greatest contribution has been as the principal driver, and inaugural Chair of the Executive Operations Secretariat for the Australasian Kidney Trials Network (AKTN). The major goal of […]

Professor Tammy Hoffmann

Professor Tammy Hoffman is Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, an NHMRC Senior Research Fellow and Lead, Centre for Evidence-Based Healthcare at Bond University. She has published 198 papers (H index 38, 6117 total citations). She has received national and international recognition in her primary discipline (Occupational Therapy, OT) and current field (Clinical Epidemiology) and substantially contributed […]

Professor Pankaj Sah

Professor Sah has made seminal contributions to understanding the neural circuits underlying learning and memory formation in the mammalian brain. His pioneering studies have delineated the local circuits in the amygdala, a region of the brain critical in assigning emotional salience to events, as well as the receptors engaged during amygdala-dependent learning. He has also […]

Professor David Reutens

Professor David Reutens has established an international reputation for excellence in research in imaging and neuroscience and has mentored 70 PhD students and clinical and post-doctoral fellows. He is the inaugural Director of the Centre for Advanced Imaging at The University of Queensland, and has played a significant role in the development of facilities for […]

Professor David Johnson

Professor David Johnson is a national leader in basic and clinical research in renal medicine, particularly in acute kidney damage and in peritoneal dialysis, with over 800 publications and 100 invited international keynote and plenary research presentations. He is founder director of a major renal research unit in Brisbane, and for over 10 years has […]

Professor Martin Lavin

Professor Martin Lavin has demonstrated distinguished research leadership at multiple levels over many years making important contributions to health and medical research. His major focus has been on unravelling the defects in rare human genetic disorders such as Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T), characterized by a defect in the DNA damage response, neurodegeneration and cancer susceptibility. His research […]

Professor Gabrielle Belz

Professor Gabrielle Belz is internationally recognised for her pioneering research into the factors that shape the development of immune protection – a feature essential for survival. She has defined the function and molecular regulators of immune subsets critical for protection against disease, and pioneered the identification of new mechanisms driving T cell development that underpins […]

Professor Gita Mishra

Professor Mishra is an internationally renowned researcher with broad expertise in women’s health epidemiology who maintains numerous international collaborations in Europe, USA and Japan. She is Director of the national flagship study, the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health, and a recognised Chartered Statistician (Royal Statistical Society) and Chartered Scientist (UK Science Council). With over […]

Professor Judith Clements

Distinguished Professor Judith Clements is a recognised world-leading expert on the kallikrein serine proteases and their roles in prostate and ovarian cancers. She was an NHMRC Principal Research Fellow for 16 years from 2000-2016 and is Scientific Director and co-founder of the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre-Queensland. She directed the Australian Prostate Cancer BioResource, a […]

Professor Sunil Lakhani

Professor Sunil Lakhani is an internationally recognised clinical and molecular pathologist. He has made significant and sustained contributions to health and medicine, with ongoing research into preinvasive breast cancer and its impact on breast-screening practices; the pathology of BRCA1/2 associated breast cancer; and in developing new therapeutic options for brain metastases, a disease with very […]

Professor Dietmar Hutmacher

Over the last decade Professor Hutmacher has gained a worldwide reputation in the field of tissue engineering& regenerative medicine (TE&RM), and his track record illustrates successful mastery of a major challenge in biomedical sciences: the ability to transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries, and initiate and nurture research and educational programs across different disciplines. This success has […]

Professor Michael Jennings

Prof Jennings is internationally recognized for his innovative and high impact research on the glycobiology and virulence factors of bacterial pathogens. He has produced 146 publications and has a h-index of 43. He is inventor on 12 patent families and has a strong record of translating basic research, particularly in the area of bacterial vaccines. […]

Professor Jurgen Götz

Alzheimer’s Disease is characterized by amyloid plaques and tau tangles. Understanding their role in pathology is crucial for developing a treatment for this yet incurable disease.  Professor Jürgen Götz generated the first transgenic mouse model with a tau pathology.  By combining a transgenic with a transplantation approach he proved the amyloid cascade hypothesis, a concept […]