Life as a Clinician-Scientist – Allied Health: Panel discussion (2022)

Speakers from the 2022 Life as a Clinician-Scientist – Allied Health symposium answer questions on how to get started as a clinician-scientist, how to create a research-supportive work culture, tips for overcoming barriers to this career path and more. Chair: Professor Kathryn Refshauge FAHMS Speakers: Professor Sue Berney, Manager, Physiotherapy, Austin Hospital Dr Anne-marie Boxall, […]

A/Professor Vinicius Cavalheri: Building integrated pathways in allied health research

Associate Professor Vinicius Cavalheri discusses pathways to becoming a clinician-scientist for allied health professionals in his presentation at the 2022 Life as a Clinician-Scientist – Allied Health symposium. Associate Professor Cavalheri is the Allied Health Research Director at South Metropolitan Health Services/Faculty of Health Sciences Curtin University.

Professor Sue Berney: Creating a clinical work environment that supports research

Professor Sue Berney discusses how health services and allied health work environments can support research and clinician-scientists. This recording is from Professor Berney’s presentation at the 2022 Life as a Clinician-Scientist – Allied Health symposium. Professor Berney is Manager Physiotherapy Department, Austin Health and Adjunct Professor at Swinburne University.

Professor Nicholas Taylor: Stepping into research

Professor Nicholas Taylor presents at the 2022 Life as a Clinician-Scientist – Allied Health online symposium. Professor Taylor shares his experiences as a clinician-scientist, what drove him to a career in research, and why looking for evidence has been important for his clinical practice as an allied health professional. Professor Taylor is Professor of Allied […]

Dr Lauren Christie: Walking the tightrope as a clinician-scientist

Dr Lauren Christie presents at the 2022 Life as a Clinician-Scientist – Allied Health symposium. Dr Christie discusses the challenges and opportunities involved in a career that combines research and clinical practice. Dr Christie is a Senior Implementation Science Research Fellow – Allied Health at St Vincent’s Health Network, Sydney.

Life as a Clinician-Scientist – Allied Health 2022

Join some of Australia’s leading allied health clinician-scientists as they share their experiences and strategies for creating a research-supportive workplace. The Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences Life as a Clinician-Scientist events aim to inspire early career researchers and allied health clinicians to pursue health and medical research careers. Presentation topics include: Walking the […]

Panel: Building a career in translational research – perspectives across career stages (2022)

Dr Rob Ellis, Professor Mark Midwinter, Associate Professor Dylan Flaws and Dr Andrea Henden joined the 2022 Queensland Clinical Sciences Symposium – Life as a Clinician-Scientist panel to discuss the different pathways to building a career in translational research. Chair: Professor David Whiteman AM FAHMS Speakers: Dr Rob Ellis (Physician) A/ Prof Dylan Flaws (Psychiatry) […]