In April 2016 the Academy submitted a response to the consultation for priority setting within the Medical Research Future Fund for 2016-2018. To prepare our submission, we undertook an extensive process of consultation with the Fellowship and key external stakeholders, to inform the content of our submission. This process included a Fellowship survey and a priority setting roundtable symposium, which was organised in April 2016.

The Academy formulated 10 key principles that reflect the Fellowship’s perspectives on a framework for the selection of priority areas for Medical Research Future Fund funding, the selection of specific projects within each priority area, and the execution and monitoring of funded projects.

Briefly, these principles were:

  1. MRFF as a Transformational Catalyst
  2. Health Outcome Focused Approach
  3. Economic/Commercial Outcome Focused Approach
  4. Capacity Building and Training Focussed Approach
  5. Implementation Oriented Approach
  6. Consumer Involvement Principle
  7. Collaborative Strategic Approach
  8. Comprehensive Investment and Operational Strategy
  9. Measuring Success
  10. Support Innovation in Research and Funding