Meet our Fellows in our video library

More than 440 leading health and medical minds make up the Fellowship of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences – get to know them via our video library.

Our Fellows include experts across a range of fields – from the social determinants of health, to Australia’s first Indigenous clinician-scientist, to public health experts contributing to Australia’s COVID-19 response.

Below are just a few of our Fellows sharing their stories: learn what drives them pursue research, overcome challenges and improve public health. You can find many more in our video library – try a keyword search for speakers, specialties and topics to learn more.


Professor Sandra Eades AO FASSA FAHMS on her life as one of Australia’s first Indigenous clinician-scientists.

Professor Sharon Lewin AO FAHMS on being a clinician-scientist during times of great change.


Professor Kathryn North AC FAHMS, Director of the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and the David Danks Professor of Child Health Research at the University of Melbourne: “One thing I love about my job and my career is that I’m never, ever bored.”

Dr Glenn Begley FAHMS poses the important questions – how can a clinician-scientist also be a bioentrepeneur and a science sleuth?


Professor Jayashri Kulkarni AM FAHMS explains why psychiatry is so far behind many medical disciplines and that mental health will continue to be a major health burden in Australia in the coming years.

Professor Carolyn Sue AM FAHMS discusses her career highlights and areas of research and also provides advice about how to build a research question.

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