AAHMS welcomes COVID-19 inquiry

The Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences welcomes the Federal Government’s independent inquiry into Australia’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This timely inquiry should be future and solutions focused. It should identify lessons learned and present a path forward to ensure Australia is prepared for the next pandemic.

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on Australia’s health system and research and innovation sector. During the pandemic, health professionals and health and medical researchers worked together to respond to one of the biggest health threats in a generation.

This additional burden has taken its toll, but medical and scientific expertise formed a critical part of Australia’s response. It should do so again as part of this inquiry.

The inquiry presents an important opportunity to improve our systems and processes for current and future generations.

The Academy provided an independent and authoritative voice as the pandemic has progressed in Australia, sharing expert advice and engaging with government, policymakers and the public to guide Australia’s
response. We contributed to initiatives such as the Rapid Research Information Forum and
formed our own COVID-19 Expert Committee.

The Academy stands ready to support this inquiry to ensure the Federal Government can draw on the best available evidence to inform its next steps.

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