Life as a Clinician-Scientist events aim to encourage and inspire medical and other clinical students, junior doctors and clinical trainees, and early career researchers to become involved in research, and workshop the skills necessary to succeed in combining clinical practice with medical science. 

During the pandemic we are hosting online and in-person events where appropriate.

Past events: 

Can’t make an event? Want to know more about life as a clinician-scientist? Check out our videos from past events here, where you can hear from the likes of Professor Ian Frazer, Professor Fiona Wood and Professor Ingrid Scheffer.

Not only do clinician-scientists bring invaluable skills that allow them to solve clinical questions and provide deep scientific insights into human biology, their work also has a major impact on improving clinical care. We showcase the many pathways to this exciting and rewarding career, which leads to a lifetime of challenge, discovery and fulfilment.

At these events, our Fellows and other researchers share their stories about how the unique combination of clinical practice and science allow them to work with patients and take insights from the bedside to answer fundamental scientific questions, then translate them back to improving patient care.

What do people say about Life as a Clinician-Scientist?

These are just some of the things past attendees have told us...

"It was perfect!"
"This was so inspiring and enjoyable"
“I really loved hearing about how people's interests and passions can eventuate into research in every area of medicine”
"The speakers provided me with great insights into the pathways into clinical research"

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We're planning more events in 2022...

There are many Life as a Clinician-Scientist events planned for 2022-23 – more information will be shared on our events page as details are confirmed. Dates may change as we navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions.

March - QLD LACS - online
April - Allied health LACS - online
May - VIC LACS - online and in-person
July - NSW LACS - online and in-person
August - SA LACS - online and in-person
TBC - First Nations LACS - online
2023 - Nursing/midwifery LACS (alternates yearly with allied health)
2023 - WA LACS

We are looking to grow this program in the future, including events in other states. Please contact us if you're interested in attending LACS event, or if you'd like to volunteer to help with an event.

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