Professor Yun Chor Gary Lee

Professor Yun Chor Gary Lee


Professor of Medicine
The University of Western Australia
Elected in 2023
Citation on election

Professor Yun Chor Gary Lee is a world leader in Pleural Disease which affects 60,000 Australians/year. His practice-changing work has cut mortality, morbidity, interventions and hospitalization worldwide. Bringing together clinicians, scientists and allied-health researchers, he employs multicentre trials (via the Australasian Malignant PLeural Effusion trials network he built), cross-disciplinary (diet, exercise, psychology) approaches and cutting-edge laboratory techniques to advance pleural effusions (pleurisy) care. He has 320 publications (16 in NEJM, JAMA and Lancet journals), delivered 300+ invited lectures in 32 countries and won $20+ million in grant funding, including NHMRC/MRFF Career Development, Practitioner and Investigator Fellowships.

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