Professor Sandy Middleton

Professor Sandy Middleton


Director of the Nursing Research Institute
Australian Catholic University & St Vincent’s Health Australia, Sydney
Elected in 2019
Citation on election

Professor Sandy Middleton is Director of the Nursing Research Institute (NRI) at Australian Catholic University and St Vincent’s Health Australia. She has established the NRI as one of Australia’s largest and most productive nursing research collaboratives. Relative to opportunity (0.5 FTE academic appointment) Professor Middleton’s productivity is high: 124 peer-reviewed manuscripts in high quality journals arising from 78 research grants (>$33.3M). She led the landmark QASC trial demonstrating implementation of protocols to manage fever, hyperglycaemia and swallowing post-stroke decreased death and dependency by 16%, influencing policy and practice in Australia and being translated into 300 hospitals in 12 European countries.

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