Professor Judith Clements

Professor Judith Clements


Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Queensland University of Technology
Elected in 2017
Citation on election

Distinguished Professor Judith Clements is a recognised world-leading expert on the kallikrein serine proteases and their roles in prostate and ovarian cancers. She was an NHMRC Principal Research Fellow for 16 years from 2000-2016 and is Scientific Director and co-founder of the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre-Queensland. She directed the Australian Prostate Cancer BioResource, a key resource nationally, from 2001-2016 and co-leads the Queensland node of the international prostate cancer consortium, PRACTICAL. She is/has been a member of several governance bodies – PCFA (Queensland Chair); International Proteolysis Society, QIMR and QUT Councils – and has served on NHMRC peer review panels since 2000.

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