Professor Catriona Bradshaw

Professor Catriona Bradshaw


Director of Research
Austin Health
Elected in 2023
Citation on election

Professor Catriona Bradshaw is a clinician researcher whose research has led to paradigm shifts in the diagnosis, treatment and control of drug-resistant and refractory sexually transmitted infections. She described the emergence of antibiotic-resistance in Mycoplasma genitalium, and identified new drugs and resistance-guided strategies to improve cure and antibiotic stewardship, which has repeatedly changed guidelines in Australia and internationally (UK/US/Europe/Asia). She has >330 publications and has made sustained contributions to the profession through membership of national/international organisations, guideline and conference-organising committees, peer-review, mentorship and supervision. She is a recipient of the L’Oréal Australia Women in Science Award and Eureka Prize for Infectious Diseases.

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