Professor Arthur Christopoulos

Professor Arthur Christopoulos


Professor of Pharmacology and NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow
Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Elected in 2017
Citation on election

“Discovery and dissemination of the concept of allosteric sites on receptor proteins as a novel avenue for drug discovery”.
Professor Christopoulos has demonstrated how this approach can be used to identify, validate, quantify, and facilitate preclinical translation of small molecules with an allosteric mode of action for all classes of G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR), the largest group of drug targets. His research is highly cited (top 1% in discipline), has made it into the textbooks, been acknowledged via the highest honours from the Australian, USA, UK and world (IUPHAR) Pharmacological Societies, and transformed the way GPCR drug modulators are discovered.

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