Professor Anushka Patel

Professor Anushka Patel


Vice-Principal Director and Chief Scientist; Scientia Professor, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW Sydney; Cardiologist, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
The George Institute for Global Health
Elected in 2014
Citation on election

Professor Anushka Patel’s research focus is on the development and evaluation of high-impact solutions to improve delivery of effective treatments to people with or at high risk of cardiovascular and related chronic conditions. With a conjoint professorial appointment at the University of Sydney, she is currently the Chief Scientist (global) of The George Institute for Global Health, a medical research institute with offices in Sydney, Beijing, New Delhi and Oxford, focused on discovering solutions for the prevention and management of chronic diseases and injury. Prof Patel has a medical degree from the University of Sydney, a Master of Science degree from Harvard University and a PhD from the University of Sydney.

For her program of health services research, which includes an innovative technology based primary care ecosystem and “polypill”-based strategies for delivering essential preventive healthcare, Prof Patel has attracted over $40 million of funding from domestic and international sources.

Professor Patel’s current roles include invited authorship of a chapter on novel models of cardiovascular healthcare for the Disease Control Priorities Project (3rd ed), produced by the World Bank for policy makers, and membership of the selection panel member for the UK Health Systems Research Initiative, funded by DfID, Wellcome Trust, Economic and Social Research Council and the Medical Research Council. She is a member of the National Heart Foundation’s Research Committee and was formerly Chair of the Clinical Trials Council of the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand. In 2014, she chaired the Epidemiology & Prevention Stream for the 2014 World Congress of Cardiology. Professor Patel is a practicing cardiologist and in 2011 was named one of the 100 most influential people in Sydney by the Sydney Morning Herald.

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