Professor Michael Hofman

Nuclear medicine physician‐scientist Professor Michael Hofman has pioneered use of novel radioactive molecules that seek out cancer cells for both whole body imaging and also targeted treatment. These new practice changing technologies have been adopted globally including PSMA PET imaging and radioligand therapy, demonstrating greater accuracy than standard imaging, and better outcomes and quality‐of‐life compared […]

Professor Catriona Bradshaw

Professor Catriona Bradshaw is a clinician researcher whose research has led to paradigm shifts in the diagnosis, treatment and control of drug-resistant and refractory sexually transmitted infections. She described the emergence of antibiotic-resistance in Mycoplasma genitalium, and identified new drugs and resistance-guided strategies to improve cure and antibiotic stewardship, which has repeatedly changed guidelines in […]

Professor Yun Chor Gary Lee

Professor Yun Chor Gary Lee is a world leader in Pleural Disease which affects 60,000 Australians/year. His practice-changing work has cut mortality, morbidity, interventions and hospitalization worldwide. Bringing together clinicians, scientists and allied-health researchers, he employs multicentre trials (via the Australasian Malignant PLeural Effusion trials network he built), cross-disciplinary (diet, exercise, psychology) approaches and cutting-edge […]

Professor Britta Regli-von Ungern-Sternberg

One in 20 children in Australia have surgery each year with 1 in 7 having breathing problems during or after anaesthesia with infants having even a 1 in 3 chance of breathing problems. Unsurprisingly, paediatric anaesthesia is seen as a high-risk specialty which can lead to long-lasting harm, including death. Through several large research projects, […]

Professor Rebecca Ivers

Professor Rebecca Ivers – Head of the UNSW School of Population Health – is an Australian research leader in the field of public health, with a focus on injury prevention and trauma care research. She has a distinguished track record of research that has significantly advanced our understanding of the burden, prevention and care of […]

Professor Jian Li

Professor Jian Li’s antimicrobial research, clinical translation and commercialisation have provided impactful solutions to combat life-threatening multidrug-resistant bacterial infections globally. Notably, his world-leading research has led to a novel antibiotic drug QPX9003 which was developed intelligently from proof-of-concept to Phase-I trials. Furthermore, his long-term polymyxin pharmacology research has significantly improved clinical practice worldwide. He is […]

Professor Jamie Craig

Professor Jamie Craig, is an ophthalmologist-scientist, is a Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor and Academic Head of Ophthalmology at Flinders University, and a Senior Consultant at Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide. An NHMRC Practitioner Fellow (2019-23), his research focusses on the molecular genetics of blinding eye conditions. He conceptualised, established and leads two international ophthalmic disease […]

Professor Gail Matthews

Professor Gail Matthews is Head of the Therapeutic Vaccine and Research Program at the Kirby Institute UNSW, as well as Head of Infectious Diseases at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney. Her background is in HIV, viral hepatitis and strategic therapeutic clinical trials, and has expanded over the last 3-years to include a strong research portfolio and […]

Dr Norman Swan

Dr Norman Swan has been Australia’s top health and medical science broadcaster for the last four decades, producing and delivering radio and TV programs across all areas. He is nationally and internationally recognised as an outstanding communicator to educate the public about the latest research in health, disease, treatments and research. Dr Swan has championed […]

Professor Sophia Zoungas

Professor Sophia Zoungas, Head of the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Monash University, is a Clinical Endocrinologist recognised internationally for her role in advancing knowledge in the management of diabetes and its vascular complications. She leads Australia’s largest translational research program in diabetes care and benchmarking of diabetes services. Professor Zounga’s research […]

Professor Di Yu

Professor Di Yu is an immunologist, global highly cited researcher, and NHMRC Leadership Fellow. He is internationally recognised for the discovery of novel T lymphocyte subsets and their molecular regulators, relevant to health and disease. Bridging the gap between basic immunology and translation, Professor Yu actively collaborates with clinicians and has initiated clinical studies and […]

Distinguished Professor Patsy Yates

Distinguished Professor Patsy Yates is over 20 years post-PhD and is a leading authority in palliative care services research. She has significant original contributions that have had a positive impact on health and medical research, the health system, economy and/or the health of the population, particularly in cancer and palliative care services. Distinguished Professor Yates […]

Professor Bruce Taylor

Professor Bruce Taylor is a clinician-scientist who leads a large and diverse research group, undertaking internationally significant research in the field of neuroscience. He is also a senior consultant neurologist with a special interest in multiple sclerosis (MS). Professor Taylor’s research focuses on the personal, environmental and genetic factors associated with the onset and progression […]

Professor Mark Stevenson

Professor Mark Stevenson is an internationally renowned epidemiologist whose research and advocacy have led to transport and public health policies that have reduced the global burden of injury. His landmark research associated with mobile phone use and the risk of car crash led to legislative change across five countries. Additionally, his research on young driver […]

Professor Ben Solomon

Professor Ben Solomon is a clinician-scientist whose clinical and translational research has identified new treatments, changed standards of care and improved outcomes for patients with lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer-related death. His work has resulted in regulatory approvals for first, second and third generation ALK TKIs, defining new and transformative standards of care […]

Professor Jason Roberts

Professor Jason Roberts has been instrumental in guiding evidence-based dosing of antimicrobials in critically ill patients with serious infections. This work has been recognised internationally for its global impact and he is the most published author in this field worldwide, as his findings form the basis of numerous therapeutic guidelines. Professor Roberts has a substantial […]

Professor Shanthakumar Rajaratnam

Professor Shantha Rajaratnam’s research has taken circadian neuroscience into new clinical approaches: melatonin agonist (to FDA approval), light therapy and digital applications. He has published more than 165 peer-reviewed papers and two edited books, and he has led the peak body for sleep health and medicine (Australasian Sleep Association). He currently leads the Sleep Health […]

Professor Anna Nowak

Professor Anna Nowak is a medical oncologist, clinical triallist and tumour immunology researcher with a focus on the cancer mesothelioma. She developed the first measurement criteria specific to the unique growth pattern of mesothelioma, which are used in clinical trials worldwide. Professor Nowak was an early investigator of chemo-immunotherapy combinations in the laboratory, advancing our […]

Professor Eric Morand

Professor Eric Morand is an internationally renowned academic physician-scientist. His career has focused on integrating clinical and laboratory science to advance patient outcomes in lupus. Professor Morand founded a multinational consortium to design and validate new clinical endpoints, solving a decade-long impasse responsible for multiple failed trials. He led the breakthrough Phase 3 trial of […]

Professor Laura Mackay

Professor Laura Mackay is a Howard Hughes and Bill and Melinda Gates-funded International Scholar, Sylvia and Charles Viertel Senior Research Fellow, NHMRC Leadership Fellow and Dame Kate Campbell Fellow. She has is an internationally recognised expert in T cell immunity, contributing landmark papers that have defined how memory T cell responses are generated in body […]

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