Professor Britta Regli-von Ungern-Sternberg

One in 20 children in Australia have surgery each year with 1 in 7 having breathing problems during or after anaesthesia with infants having even a 1 in 3 chance of breathing problems. Unsurprisingly, paediatric anaesthesia is seen as a high-risk specialty which can lead to long-lasting harm, including death. Through several large research projects, […]

Professor Yun Chor Gary Lee

Professor Yun Chor Gary Lee is a world leader in Pleural Disease which affects 60,000 Australians/year. His practice-changing work has cut mortality, morbidity, interventions and hospitalization worldwide. Bringing together clinicians, scientists and allied-health researchers, he employs multicentre trials (via the Australasian Malignant PLeural Effusion trials network he built), cross-disciplinary (diet, exercise, psychology) approaches and cutting-edge […]

Professor Anna Nowak

Professor Anna Nowak is a medical oncologist, clinical triallist and tumour immunology researcher with a focus on the cancer mesothelioma. She developed the first measurement criteria specific to the unique growth pattern of mesothelioma, which are used in clinical trials worldwide. Professor Nowak was an early investigator of chemo-immunotherapy combinations in the laboratory, advancing our […]

Professor Aleksandra Filipovska

Professor Aleksandra Filipovska is internationally renowned for her pioneering work in mitochondrial genomics and disease. She is Deputy Director of the ARC Centre for Synthetic Biology and NHMRC Senior Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia. As co-director at the Mito Foundation, Professor Filipovska plays a key role in advocating for the mitochondrial disease […]

Professor Susan Fletcher

Professor Susan Fletcher is Senior Principal Research Fellow at Murdoch University and in 2020 was appointed Chief Scientific Officer (fractional position) at ASX-listed biotech PYC Therapeutics. Alongside her collaborator Professor Steve Wilton, she pioneered ‘molecular drugs’ to treat inherited disease by altering the gene message to overcome disease-causing mutations. In 2016, 2019 and 2021, the […]

Professor Pat Dudgeon

Pat Dudgeon is Bardi woman from the Kimberley in Western Australia. She was Australia’s first Aboriginal psychologist and has had an outstanding career in Aboriginal mental health and wellbeing, developing innovative methodologies to include deep Indigenous knowledge in health and medical sciences research and services. She has showed how the specific historical, socio-economic, political, cultural […]

Professor Andrew Whitehouse

Professor Andrew Whitehouse’s research has directly led to improved clinical management for children on the autism spectrum, and driven transformational policy reform across the Health, Education and Disability sectors in Australia. He has contributed major scientific advances in autism assessment and intervention, and pioneered new methods for world-wide science communication. In addition, Professor Whitehouse has […]

Professor Alistair Forrest

Professor Alistair Forrest is an award-winning systems biologist whose leadership and ability to form and manage large international collaborations has led to enormous progress in our understanding of human disease. Professor Forrest applies systems-wide analyses and broad genomic surveys to deliver new, unbiased, data-driven insights into disease. His research is revealing the cellular makeup of […]

Professor Lin Fritschi

Professor Lin Fritschi is a cancer epidemiologist and public health physician with specific expertise in occupational causes of cancer. Her research revolves around two themes: identifying occupational causes of cancer and improving methods for assessing occupational exposure in epidemiological studies. She has a substantial track record of publications, grants and impact on policy, has successfully […]

Professor Ian Constable

Professor Ian Constable is an internationally recognised clinical and research ophthalmologist. As the Founding Director of the Lions Eye Institute, he created a not-for-profit centre of excellence that combines world-class scientific research into the prevention of blindness with the highest level of eye care delivery. He has trained and mentored almost 100 clinical and research […]

Professor Timothy Davis

Professor Timothy Davis has made many key contributions to the clinical management of diabetes and malaria. He runs the Fremantle Diabetes Study which has provided unique epidemiological insights into diabetes management and complications, has contributed to transformative diabetes intervention trials, and has been actively involved in formulating local and national treatment policies and guidelines. His […]

Professor Bruce Robinson

Professor Bruce Robinson is a UWA Professor of Medicine, an experienced lung specialist and a leading research scientist. He is Director of an NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence focussed on getting the body’s immune system to fight cancer, particularly asbestos-induced cancers, and on ‘cracking the code’ of cancer using gene sequencing to provide new targets […]

Professor Stephen Zubrick

Stephen Zubrick is a leading developmental scientist. He pioneered the first Australian population studies of the prevalence and burden of mental disorders in Australian children and adolescents. He and his team went on to conduct the landmark Western Australian Aboriginal Child Health Survey. Along with his team he has led the 1998 and 2014 National […]

Professor Karen Simmer

Karen Simmer is the Professor of Newborn Medicine at the University of Western Australia. She is the Director of the Neonatal ICUs in Perth and Co-Director of the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence for preterm infants. She established the first Human Milk Bank in Australia. Prof Simmer has published over 170 original research manuscripts and […]

Professor Carol Bower

Carol is highly regarded nationally and internationally for her leadership in birth defects research, providing population-based evidence for prevention, diagnosis, management and development of policy and practice. Outstanding examples are her research and advocacy on neural tube defects (such as spina bifida) and their prevention with folic acid and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and their […]

Professor Graeme Hankey

Professor Hankey is recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in medical and health science in the field of stroke research.  He has a number of international and national awards as well as more than 300 publications in which he has made major advances in the field of stroke prevention particularly.  He has shown how blood […]

Professor Susan Prescott

Prof Susan Prescott is founding President of the Developmental Origins and Health and Disease (‘DOHaD’) Society of ANZ, dedicated to providing strong evidence, education and advocacy around the importance of ‘healthy start to life’. She is internationally recognised for her research in allergy and early immune development, and works at the highest international level of […]

Professor (Svend) Peter Klinken

Professor Klinken’s interest in cancer has led to the discovery a number of oncogenes and tumour- suppressor genes. His work on leukemias has been internationally-recognised, especially the concept of lineage-switching. As a passionate advocate for medical research, he established the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research, and was Director of the Institute (now known as […]

Professor Wendy Erber

A Rhodes Scholar in 1982, Wendy Erber has had a distinguished scientific career in haematology with significant discoveries in malignant blood disorders translating into diagnostic pathology, and improving understanding of the formation of blood cellular components. This work has been recognised with many articles published in high impact journals. Wendy is internationally acknowledged as an outstanding clinician-scientist, combining active clinical consultancy with research and an academic career. […]

Professor Donna Cross

Professor Cross has an excellent international reputation, demonstrated by her involvement in five multi-country and nine country-based research consortiums/collaborations. She has received $18.5m+ for 52 research projects to advance children’s health. She founded two research centres, mentoring 120 employees, 450+ volunteers and supervising 30 higher-degree students, including helping them to publish 48 papers. She facilitates […]

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