Professor Ingrid Winship

Professor Ingrid Winship AO FAHMS, clinician scientist in clinical genetics, cancer genetics and genodermatology, is a leader in genetics research and health services. She is Chair of the Australian Health Ethics Committee and a member of the NHMRC Council. Professor Winship has translated research in genetics and cancer prevention into state-of-the-art clinical services, alongside person […]

Professor Jerry Adams

Molecular biologist Jerry Adams has made fundamental discoveries about the molecular causes of cancer. With Suzanne Cory, he showed that the chromosome translocations hallmarking Burkitt lymphomas activate the oncogene MYC by linkage to an immunoglobulin locus enhancer and developed transgenic mice to establish causality. In 1988, David Vaux, Cory and Adams reported the seminal finding […]

Professor Suzanne Cory

Professor Suzanne Cory has made signal contributions to cancer genetics. With Jerry Adams, she showed that chromosome translocations associated with Burkitt’s lymphomas activate the oncogene MYC and proved its oncogenic role using transgenic mice. In 1988, David Vaux, Cory and Adams reported that BCL-2, the putative oncogene translocated in follicular lymphoma, acts by impairing apoptosis. […]

Professor Andrew Wilks

Professor Andrew Wilks is an accomplished academic scientist who worked at the LICR (Melbourne) between 1983 and 1997 and made transformative discoveries in the signal transduction field, as well as in neurogenesis and angiogenesis. He has completed a rare ‘trifecta’ – discovering and patenting a number of important drug discovery targets (e.g. JAK1 and JAK2); […]

Professor Andrew Forbes

Professor Andrew Forbes has an international reputation for leadership in biostatistics, stemming from his development and innovation in statistical methods to solve practical issues in health and medical research studies, as well as collaboration on major practice-changing research in substantive clinical areas. He chairs the pre-eminent multi-university national training program in biostatistics and has major […]

Professor Melanie Bahlo

Professor Melanie Bahlo is a cross-disciplinary researcher at the intersection of statistics and genetics. She has developed innovative methods and software for genetic analysis, working closely with clinicians and geneticists to gain insights into complex genetics data. Her work has helped to understand the genetic architecture of several complex diseases, in particular the causes of […]

Professor Julie Bernhardt

Professor Julie Bernhardt is a Co-Head of the Stroke Theme at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, a clinical scientist and highest ranked researcher in the field of stroke rehabilitation. She has established new standards and global collaborative partnerships for stroke rehabilitation trials, including completing the first landmark international trial in acute stroke […]

Professor Mary Galea

Professor Mary Galea’s basic and clinical research program has contributed substantially to the global quest to understand how to promote repair, regeneration and recovery of the nervous system after injury. Her seminal contributions to understanding the organisation and response to injury of the corticospinal pathways in animal models have been translated into the development of […]

Professor Sarah-Jane Dawson

Professor Sarah-Jane Dawson is a clinician scientist who has consistently demonstrated excellence, leadership and dedicated service to health and medical research in Australia. Professor Dawson’s research has pioneered fundamental advances in the clinical application of cancer genomics and the development of personalised biomarker approaches using circulating tumour DNA. This body of work has led to […]

Professor Hylton Menz

Professor Hylton Menz is a podiatrist and NHMRC Fellow. His broad research disciplines are human movement, rehabilitation and rheumatology, with a particular focus on musculoskeletal foot problems in older people. Professor Menz has published 297 papers in podiatry, gerontology, rheumatology and biomechanics journals and has attracted over $10m in research funding. Professor Menz has made […]

Professor Andrew Steer

Professor Andrew Steer is a paediatric infectious diseases physician and Director of the Infection and Immunity Theme at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. He is an international authority on tropical infectious diseases. His research has established global community-based treatment programs for tropical skin infections, influenced vaccine design for group A streptococcal disease, and introduced diagnostic […]

Professor Timothy Stinear

Professor Tim Stinear is a distinguished microbiologist who has revolutionised our understanding of important bacterial infectious diseases by the use of cutting-edge genomic technologies. His fundamental research has led to new diagnostic tests and new insights on how infections spread in our hospitals and how bacteria are evading our most powerful antibiotics. He is a […]

Professor Roy Robins-Browne

Professor Roy Robins-Browne is a medical microbiologist who has made seminal contributions to the field through research and teaching. His research has improved fundamental understanding and clinical management of the diarrhoea-associated bacterial pathogens, coli and Yersinia enterocolitica, as well as other bacteria that infect humans. His teaching has guided a generation of medical and bioscience […]

Professor Merlin Thomas

Professor Merlin Thomas is an internationally renowned clinician scientist in diabetic kidney disease, where he is recognised as one of the top experts globally. His translational research spans basic biochemistry and biology to epidemiology and clinical trials. He is also a sought-after speaker, teacher and best-selling author. He has an exceptional track record of productivity, […]

Professor Karin Thursky

Professor Karin Thursky is an infectious diseases physician, Director of the National Centre for Antimicrobial Stewardship and Deputy Head of Infectious Diseases at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Her highly productive clinician research career spans both adult and paediatric infectious diseases, infections in cancer, computerised decision support and antimicrobial stewardship in animals and humans. As […]

Professor John (Jock) Findlay

Professor Jock Findlay is internationally recognised for research in reproductive biology, making novel contributions to understanding regulation of the ovary and endometrium, relevant to fertility, infertility and ovarian cancer, and by prestigious awards and appointments by national and international societies. He has given conspicuous service through leadership at Research Institutes, Universities, the World Health Organisation, […]

Professor Flavia Cicuttini

Professor Flavia Cicuttini is Head of Rheumatology, Alfred Health, Professor and Head of the Musculoskeletal Unit, Monash University. She is an international authority on novel approaches to treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal disease. Her research has influenced the management of a range of musculoskeletal diseases, globally. She has made, and continues to make, important contributions […]

Professor Prue Francis

Professor Prue Francis is an internationally renowned breast cancer clinician researcher. She is the Clinical Lead of Breast Medical Oncology at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. She is Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee for the Breast Cancer Trials group which is the largest cancer collaborative research group in Australasia. She developed and led the international […]

Professor Gail Risbridger

Professor Gail Risbridger is an International leader in prostate cancer and Men’s Health. Her world class program of patient derived xenografted specimens that is used for translational preclinical discovery and testing, lead or are incorporated in global alliances (e.g. US Army DOD partnership, Movember GAP program). She serves on Governance bodies (e.g. Cancer Council Victoria, […]

Professor Katherine Kedzierska

Professor Katherine Kedzierska is a Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at The Peter Doherty Institute, University of Melbourne. She is an NHMRC Senior Research Fellow and Head of Human T cell Laboratory. Over the past 19 years, working in the field of Immunology, Professor Kedzierska defined universal and broadlyprotective T-cell immunity to […]

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