Professor Paul Fitzgerald

Professor Paul Fitzgerald is an academic psychiatrist expert in experimental studies and clinical trials for development of novel treatment options for patients with depression, schizophrenia, OCD, PTSD, autism and Alzheimer’s disease. He is a global authority in repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS). He’s had continual NHMRC grant support for 20 years and $10+ million in […]

Professor Sharon Friel

Professor Sharon Friel is a world–renowned policy-focused health equity researcher. She is an ARC Laureate Fellow since 2021 and Director of Menzies Centre for Health Governance, Australian National University. Professor Friel was Head of the Scientific Secretariat (University College London) for the World Health Organisation Commission on Social Determinants of Health. She has published widely […]

Professor Graham Mann

Throughout a 35-year career in medical research, Professor Mann has made key contributions to knowledge of human health, many of which have changed practice, and he is recognised internationally as a leader in basic and translational research in melanoma. He has led or jointly driven major projects, partnerships and collaborations that have made melanoma research […]

Professor Russell Gruen

Professor Russell Gruen is Dean of the ANU College of Health and Medicine and a surgeon at The Canberra Hospital. Previously he was Professor of Surgery and Public Health at Monash University and Director of the National Trauma Research Institute, after which he led health technologies and international partnerships at Nanyang Technological University Singapore. He […]

Professor Anne Kelso

Professor Anne Kelso is an immunologist who has made a substantial and sustained contribution to Australian health and medical sciences through research on T lymphocyte-mediated immunity and influenza; service to national and international scientific societies and institutions; and centre directorships in which she fostered the development of novel vaccine technologies, and strengthened Australia’s position in […]

Professor Ian Anderson

Professor Ian Anderson is an outstanding public health physician with a primary focus on Indigenous health and policy. Over the last five years, as an academic leader and researcher at The University of Melbourne, this focus has broadened to other areas of Indigenous policy including higher education leadership. He has been a key national leader […]

Professor Emily Banks

Professor Emily Banks is an award-winning epidemiologist and public health physician. Her research uses large-scale population data to identify potentially modifiable factors affecting individual and population health in different settings, to inform improvements in health and health care. She is recognised nationally and internationally for her work on cancer, cardiovascular disease, medication safety and Aboriginal […]

Professor Ross Hannan

Professor Hannan is an internationally recognised laboratory scientist whose work on ribosome biogenesis has led to new treatment paradigms in cancer centred on drugs that activate nucleolar stress. He brought together multi-disciplinary teams of laboratory and clinician researchers and forged industry collaborations to devise first in class RNA polymerase I inhibitors that are now in […]

Professor Kiaran Kirk

Professor Kiaran Kirk is Dean of the Australian National University’s College of Science. His primary research interest is in the biology of the malaria parasite with a particular focus on the mechanism of action of, and mechanisms of resistance to, antimalarial drugs. His work has had significant translational impact, with the biochemical assays that he […]

Professor Geoffrey Farrell

Geoff Farrell is an international authority on fatty liver associated with overweight and diabetes, and how its serious form, NASH, develops and leads to cirrhosis and liver cancer. His discovery that cholesterol damages liver cells to provoke inflammation is fundamental to devising effective NASH treatments. Farrell led Asian-Pacific guidelines on prevention and management of NASH, […]

Professor Christopher Baggoley

Professor Chris Baggoley is Chief Medical Officer for the Australian Government and is the principal medical adviser to the Minister and the Department of Health. He also holds direct responsibility for the Department of Health’s Office of Health Protection. Prior to his appointment Professor Baggoley was the Chief Executive of the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in […]

Professor (Katrina) Katie Allen

Professor Allen’s contribution to medical research over the past 20 years has covered the full spectrum of laboratory, clinical and population health. Her PhD culminated in Australia’s first liver cell transplantation, her postdoctoral work resulted in first author publications in New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet and her seminal work in food allergy is […]

Professor Christopher Parish

Professor Parish is an internationally recognised immunologist and cancer biologist. His immunological discoveries have had a major impact on our understanding of the immune system and on the design of new vaccines. His cancer research has resulted in the development of novel, carbohydrate-based, anti-cancer drugs that inhibit angiogenesis and cancer spread. He has also developed […]

Professor Simon Foote

Professor Simon Foote was appointed as Director of the John Curtin School of Medical Research at the Australian National University in November 2014. His prime research interests are in the areas of infectious disease, specifically malaria, where his team is developing new antimalarials using a genetics approach. He has worked on the genetics of numerous […]

Professor Alan Finkel

As Chancellor of Monash University and President of ATSE, Professor Alan Finkel actively promotes education and research in the broadest sense including the substantial medical research endeavour at the University. As a research neuroscientist then businessman Alan developed advanced voltage clamp, patch clamp, data acquisition and imaging systems that contributed to the worldwide benefits from […]

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