Panel: Victorian early and mid-career clinician-scientists share their stories (2019)

Discover how our early and mid-career panel members got into research, the challenges and successes they have encountered and what motivates them. The panel included: Dr Sarah Price; Associate Professor Peiro Perucca; Associate Professor Sebastian King; and Dr Sylvie Picker Minh. This panel discussion was part of the LACS event in Victoria in 2019 and […]

Professor Hugh Taylor : My life as a clinician-scientist (2019)

Professor Hugh Taylor wants you to think about how much we don’t know – and to open your mind up to addressing those unknowns. There are many opportunities to do so as a clinician-scientist. He is an ophthalmologist, speaking in Melbourne in 2019.

Professor Sharon Lewin: HIV, infectious diseases and beyond (2019)

Clinician-scientists can make a difference during times of great change – you may have no idea what might unfold in your career, but that’s the excitement of medicine and science. Infectious diseases expert Professor Sharon Lewin speaks in Melbourne in 2019.