Data-enabled research excellence

Australia's Data-Enabled Research Future: Health and Medical Sciences

AAHMS is working alongside the nation’s other Learned Academies to ensure researchers have access to the best tools and resources for data-led research, now and in the future.

Led by Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC), the Australia’s Data-Enabled Research Future project combines the strategic knowledge and experience of the Learned Academies with the national data infrastructure of ARDC.

The five Learned Academies and the Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA) have worked together to produce a report that captures:

  • An overview of disciplinary and cross-disciplinary data assets, infrastructures and policies required for data-enabled research
  • Identification of the data and infrastructure requirements within and between disciplines
  • Identification of common opportunities, challenges, priorities and data gaps across research disciplines.

A synthesis report outlining common themes, challenges and opportunities between research disciplines is now available from ACOLA.

AAHMS has investigated these areas in the health and medical sciences led by our Health and Medical Data Steering Committee, which is chaired by Professor Louisa Jorm FAHMS. Our report, Australia’s Data-Enabled Research Future: Health and Medical Sciences, is now available.

Our report explores the types of national datasets accessed and used for health and medical research, and how these are used by the sector. This investigation is necessary to articulate the strategic infrastructure needs and requirements for health and medical research data.

AAHMS’ findings also contribute to a multidiscipline, collaborative report, coordinated by ACOLA, that  outline how best Australia could support researchers to address our society’s greatest challenges.

We have also made a submission to the Federal Government’s Australian Data Strategy consultation, based on the findings of our report.

Download the AAHMS report and appendices below.


Appendices C-E

Australia’s five Learned Academies are

ACOLA is the mechanism through which the Academies work collaboratively on pressing national issues that require cross-disciplinary solutions.

This is a 12-month co-investment project between the ARDC, Australia’s five Learned Academies and ACOLA, ending mid-2022.

Learn more on the ARDC website.