Long COVID and repeated infections inquiry submission

Image of the novel coronavirus

The Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences has provided a joint submission with the Australian Academy of Science to the House of Representative’s Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport inquiry into long COVID and repeated COVID infections. The response focuses on the inquiry’s terms of reference related to research, innovation and evidence-based care, and […]

AAHMS Submission: Senate Inquiry into the Investment Funds Legislation Amendment Bill 2021

The Academy has responded to the Senate Inquiry into the Investment Funds Legislation Amendment Bill 2021, providing feedback on the sections of the bill that affect operation of the Medical Research Future Fund. While supportive of the broad intentions to streamline fund operations, the Academy recommends that several risks are addressed to better protect health […]

AAHMS submission: NHMRC consultation on the draft guide for Research Integrity Advisors

AAHMS welcomes the development of a guide for Research Integrity Advisors. In this submission, we have provided specific feedback on the guide, highlighting the need for further clarification regarding training and the RIA’s role in reporting matters relating to the Code. The National Health and Medical Research Council called for feedback on a new draft […]

AAHMS submission to Royal Commission

AAHMS published its submission to the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements on 9 April 2020. AAHMS submission to Royal Commission