Our 2020 Annual Meeting will take place in Sydney on 14-16 October, including: 

  • Annual Mentorship Workshop: Wednesday 14 October 2020
  • Annual Scientific Meeting: Thursday 15 – Friday 16 October 2020 
  • Gala Dinner: Thursday 15 October 2020

The Scientific Meeting will explore ‘Progressing precision medicine, disease prevention and control‘. The science of precision medicine has for some time offered significant promise for our hopes of better understanding and tackling disease. Our detailed knowledge of disease is progressing rapidly. Yet, only a handful of precision medicine approaches are now routinely used in medicine and healthcare – and there is variation between the different fields of health and medicine. Specialties such as infectious diseases, cancer and single gene diseases are relatively advanced in their efforts to progress precision medicine, but its application to other specialties is lagging.

The progressive implementation of precision medicine in our health system will underpin the application of new therapies such as gene and stem cell therapies, but implementation also requires consideration of ethical issues, public dialogue, workforce education and implementation science.

Our scientific meeting will review the current status of precision medicine in Australia and will ask how we can better translate the science into a reality. Further, it will ask whether precision medicine can teach us anything about the prevention of ill-health. 

Further detail to follow…