When COVID-19 emerged in early 2020, the Academy responded to the need for independent, expert advice to assist Australia in tackling the pandemic.

We work with our Fellows to monitor and respond to the rapidly-evolving outbreak. The Academy liaises with government, the Chief Medical Officer, Chief Scientist, and other key health organisations as they work to manage Australia’s response.

A woman recieving an injection from a nurse.


What’s happening in 2021

The Academy continues to monitor Australia’s response and management of the pandemic, including the vaccine roll-out. Our Fellows regularly convene to share expert advice and engage with the public and guide conversations about COVID-19.

COVID-19 Expert Committee

Established in 2020, our COVID-19 Expert Committee brings together interdisciplinary expertise from the Academy’s Fellowship. The Committee provides an independent and authoritative voice as the pandemic progresses in Australia, and as we consider preparedness for future infectious disease challenges.

Recent work of the Committee

A summary of the Academy’s COVID-19 work is available at the AAHMS COVID-19 Information Hub including:

….and more – see the Academy’s policy news.

Expert Committee members

Professor Tania Sorrell AM FAHMS – Chair

Professor Ian Hickie AM FASSA FAHMS

Professor Adrian Bauman FAHMS

Professor John Kaldor FAHMS

Professor Alex Brown FAHMS

Professor Julian Savulescu FAHMS

Professor Andrew Cuthbertson AO FAA FTSE FAHMS

Professor Katherine Kedzierska FAHMS

Professor Anne Chang AM FAHMS

Professor Kirsten McCaffery FAHMS

Professor Brendan Crabb AC FAHMS

Professor Marc Pellegrini FAHMS

Professor Christine McDonald AM FAHMS

Professor Mark Harris AO FAHMS

Professor Claire Rickard FAHMS

Professor Paul Young  FAHMS

Professor David Currow FAHMS

Professor Sharon Lewin AO FAHMS

Professor David Durrheim FAHMS

Professor Steve Webb FAHMS

Professor Fran Baum AO FASSA FAHMS

Professor Ingrid Scheffer (ex officio) AO FRS FAA PresAHMS

Professor Ian Frazer AC FRS FAA FTSE FAHMS


AAHMS contact: Lanika Mylvaganam, Policy Officer, [email protected]