Facilitated by Dr Jennifer de Vries

The annual mentorship day is designed to support the mentoring program of the Academy of Health and Medical Sciences which has a focus on growing the next generation of academic clinicians and clinically focused researchers. Attendees may be at different stages in the mentoring process and will include program mentors, mentees and those interested in extending their skills and knowledge in this area.

The workshop starts at 10am, with registration from 9.30am.

This workshop will:

  • Frame mentoring and sponsorship as central to leadership
  • Build mentoring and sponsorship knowledge
  • Developing ‘coaching’ conversation skills
  • Maximise interaction between mentees and mentors in order to build informal connections that can augment the ‘matched pairs’, as individuals build their professional connections.
  • Combine research, theory and frameworks, experiential exercises, collegial discussions and individual reflection
  • Draw on the examples, experiences and expertise of attendees

Attendees are encouraged to attend the whole day to maximise the enjoyment and participation of all.

Topics to be covered

  • Facilitated introductions – building the collegial networks
  • Introducing sponsorship – how it differs from mentoring, why this is an important distinction, how this plays out in careers and what mentors and mentees can do about it
  • An Environmental Scan – Where are my gaps? What do I need? What can I give?
  • Coaching Conversations – skills at the heart of mentoring
  • Leader/Supervisor/Mentor/Sponsor – role clarity
  • Mentoring relationship styles – pros and cons, and practical relationship building tips
  • How does a formal mentoring program work – setting goals, expectations and getting started

The full program will be available to download from this page when finalised. For any questions about the program, please email [email protected].

Dr Jennifer de Vries is an internationally acknowledged mentoring expert, who consults extensively with universities and research institutes. She was commissioned by Universities Australia in collaboration with the LH Martin Institute to write Mentoring for Change, a guide to establishing good practice programs across the sector. Jen has extensive experience in all aspects of mentoring programs; as a coordinator, facilitator, evaluator, researcher and consultant. She is well known for her ‘bifocal approach’ to mentoring’, which ensures that mentoring programs link individual development to organisational change and innovation.

More recently her interests have broadened beyond mentoring programs to work directly with academic and research leaders to develop mentoring and sponsorship cultures. Jen’s co-authored publication Sponsorship: Creating Career Opportunities for Women in Higher Education was produced in conjunction with Universities Australia Executive Women and draws on her research examining the role of sponsorship practices in academic and research careers. It is available for download from her website.

Jen’s work has been well received in Australia, Europe and New Zealand where she continues to deliver mentoring keynotes, masterclasses and workshops.

Her blog focuses on communicating her research and offering commentary http://www.jendevries.com/blog/